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In 1995, Kalenderhane Mahallesi Şimşek İş Han. Vezneciler was established as an official family company in Istanbul. Shit. It is an international company that takes care of the world standards and the close follower of the quality of the world fashion. One of the indispensable basic elements of customer satisfaction is always meticulously and carefully adopted as the most important principle. From 1995 to 2001, he addressed the Turkish market and partly to the Asian and European markets. After 2001, he aimed to spread the successful graphic of the Turkish market abroad.

The first branch abroad, in 2006, the dirt part of the production ÖZSAH A.Ş. And PULS TEXTILE, in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

The end of his successful work abroad has continued his official activities in the Russian city of Ribinsk in September of the same year. The main headquarters abroad has been established in the Şalkovskişase district of Moscow.

In 2009, Lübüretski Textile Profi was the fourth branch of the activity.

In 2016, it continues to protect its influence abroad by opening its 5th branch in Ivanova city. Today, from the day it was founded, it continues to make a great contribution to the country’s economy and the employment of the country.